Personal Narrative: The Transformation Of A Childbirth

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Now during the third trimester, the following three months fancy and consider the baby’s transformation and how rapidly it will grow in size. A woman will feel awkward during this slice of the pregnancy as the fetus will gain weight quickly, and the baby will become very energetic and sporadically move around. This will be a fatiguing time as walking around feels identical to carrying a twenty pound backpack strapped to the stomach; this creates a counterbalance to walk upright and sends a woman’s spine into a constant state of burring and the contractions will become steadier; all this leads up to the delivery. According to the baby center, the pain of the delivery will be intense and irritating at first it will feel like a bowl movement is about to happen with extreme pressure and accompanied by a greater version of menstrual cramps that start low below the uterus and works its way up to the belly. Finally After about an hour, although the time span can be different for many women. The pregnancy is over and the baby has arrived, which feels like a wonderful accomplishment with a pleased and enthusiastically relaxed feelings. Yet some mothers may feel saddened and at times miserable

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