Days of delivery (narrative) Essay

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Pregnancy and childbirth are a part of nature. Delivering a child can be a beautiful experience. However, delivery can also be very painful and can last for days.
My mom drove me to what would become my last visit to the doctor’s office before giving birth to my daughter. Dr. Dermer observed me and then told me to be at the hospital around six thirty that evening. He advised me to eat a good dinner before departing for the hospital. Dr. Dermer had decided to induce my labor, due to the fact that I was two weeks past my due date.
I ate a good dinner and left to go to the hospital. I distinctly remember the feeling that I had in the pit of my stomach. I could not determine if the …show more content…

My contractions were beginning to get harder. Just when I thought that my contractions could not get any harder, they got harder. I continued to be in horrendous pain the remainder of the day.
Dr. Dermer came in to see me around nine that evening. My contractions were getting harder and were getting closer together. Dr. Dermer felt that if I continued in this manner that I would be able to deliver that night. At the same time, Dr. Dermer stated that after being in labor all day he did not think that I would have the energy to push. His final decision was to stop my labor. He advised me to get a good night sleep so that I would be prepared for the next morning when the nurses would induce my labor again.
When I awakened the following morning, I knew that my day was just getting started. In what seemed like no time at all, my contractions were once again very keen. Around nine that morning the nurse checked me and I had only dilated four centimeters. I was enduring excruciating pain. Never in my life could I have imagined that labor pains could hurt this much. My contractions were now in the hardest stage of labor and they continued to remain this way over the next several hours. The pain was glut. I could barely stand myself. No one in the room could tolerate my clamor anymore. I wanted to

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