Personal Narrative-Thud

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It is astonishing how instantly I was conditioned to fear the sound of two seemingly harmless knocks on the front door. Thud. Thud. My pencil drops to the floor along with my train of thought. Thud. Thud. I peer through the windowpane while my parents whisper nervously. Thud. Thud. Is it the landlord? Why now? Thud. Thud. Why is the sheriff here? Why are they doing this to us? Thud. Thud. Is that just my heartbeat? Am I being excessively dramatic? Thud. Thud. No, this is real. This is happening. Personally, financial conflicts have perpetually remained a familiar theme in my house. In particular, our eviction from our initial home created by our inability to pay the rent increase let my state settle in and encouraged me to take my education seriously. Granted that my father is currently seventy-seven years of age and…show more content…
With this in mind, I matured sooner than most of my peers in order to recognize the boundaries that I possessed with regards to how they confine me. While it immodest to claim humility, I must point out that I remain as the only child and therefore considered myself obligated to initiate a habit of dividing desires and requirements before presenting them so that hardship or guilt could be prevented for my parents. In addition, I have secured myself in receiving a college education after observing my parents struggle financially, not only for my own gain but also for the interest of my future family. Correspondingly, I have prioritized my education and work as utmost importance on this realization. By the same token, I have become more passionate in my athletics and extracurricular activities. All things considered, I chose to view these barriers as a wake-up call to determine what is important and to direct ambition in order to become successful. Ultimately, in the end, someone determines their success on the basis of how severely they want to achieve it, it cannot be predestined by the
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