Personal Narrative: Volunteer At New Hope Tulsa

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I have to admit I was a little nervous before I went volunteer at New Hope Tulsa. When I was nineteen I spent the summer working as a school age child care worker, in a neighborhood where many of the children were at-risk youth. I remember crying every night before bed because I did not want to go to work the next day. They treated me so badly and did not listen at all. It was very stressful to me and I did not know how to handle it. As apprehensive as I was to start volunteering, I was also excited. Yes, in the past I had a hard time, but I’ve also grown and learned so much since then. It was also helpfully that New Hope provided such an extensive orientation and trained on many aspects, including effective discipline. So, by the time I spent …show more content…

They love to play tag! My relationship with Jacory continued to grow and the impact I was making on him became apparent just this last week. He was having a really tough time and not listening to anyone. He had already been taken out of the classroom and arrangements were being made to call his mother. When he returned to the room, I immediately went over to him and told him I was glad to see him. Mr. Peon had just instructed the children to draw their own superhero so I took this opportunity to get Jacory involved. He had a marble and he told me he wants to glue it on his shoe so he can peel it off when he has nothing to do. So I said, “what if you glued marbles all over your shoes?” He said, “that would be cool.” That led us to the idea of Gluey Marble Man for his super hero. Gluey Marble Man would have marbles glued to his shoes that would roll off and trip bad guys at the push of a button. He got really excited about this and told me what color of paper and markers he wanted. He then started to sound out how to spell the name. It was so amazing to see him so engaged. He decided that one superhero wasn’t enough. He needed a twin brother. So he created Cooly Marble Man. This guy wore sunglasses and was super cool. Mr. Peon then asked the children who were their heroes in real life. I said Jacory and he said, “My mama.” After this we all went to the playground where we preceded to have a really fun game of freeze tag where I was mostly it. It was so great to just run around with these kids and have a good time. They were just kids in that moment and were so happy. This was followed by dinner in the cafeteria. I sat with Jacory and he introduced me to his older brother. For the longest time Jacory kept thinking my

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