Personal Note On Christmas Break

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My Vacation

Ever been stuck in a heated, torturous, and boring classroom? Glued to your chair, counting down the seconds to 3 o 'clock. Clearly, anyone who attends a public school witnesses these emotions every day, until the weekend arrives. Finally, a time where children can sleep in as long as they want, or even stay up as long as they want. But then, school kicks off once again on Monday morning. Ever wish every day was a weekend? Doesn’t that sound just too marvelous to be true? Few events, such as this, will occur throughout the school year; however, the longest and most satisfying of all is clearly, Christmas break. Christmas break is a time to make memories with friends, family, and loved ones. Although there is a countless amount of stunning events that transpired during the break, three are my personal favorites.
To begin, I controlled my own curfew. I possessed the power to put myself to bed as long as I wanted. Normally, this time would be spent either playing video games or watching Netflix. One of my personal favorites was staying up until 3:00 a.m. playing multiplayer with my brother on Minecraft P.E. (Pocket Edition). My brother (Josh) and I would stay up insanely late and build massive buildings and homes. Honestly, video games late at night can be healthy, in a way. Numerous siblings in the world run into obstacles when it comes to ‘getting along.’ One thing that Josh and I have in common is that we both love to melt our brains into mush at midnight.

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