Personal Note On My Writing

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Mrs. Shelton, I want to start by saying thank you for making the time to talk with me about writing # 5 in-person on Monday. As you mentioned, that was a kind of discussion you do not desire to have. I have never imagined myself to be in this type of position either. I truly regret to put us both in such circumstance. I have been thinking about our discussion every day for the last four days. I find myself having difficulty to move forward, so I decided to write you this email (sorry for the length of this message). Please know that this message is not so much about the grade or passing the course. Although that is important, it is not as critical as maintaining my integrity and moral value. I had several opportunities in life that I could have compromised to gain temporary achievements and satisfactions. As tempting and easier as opportunities seemed sometimes, I had chosen to work my hardest to earn or choose to miss the opportunity. I have always tried my best to live by a higher moral standards and be obedience to my faith. I have to be honest that coming to the US with nobody to count on and nothing to depend on had not been an easy journey. Yet, God 's unfailing strength and my willingness had brought me this far. I would give up the desire of getting my degree before I purposely compromise my principles. I want you to know that I did not intentionally tried to take credits for those direct statements you identified on my writing #5. Such intentional choice would

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