Personal Note On Natural Order

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Natural Order
Everything I believed in, everything I thought I knew was completely wrong. It all started on May 31 2016, the second day of summer vacation. Everything was normal on that particular Sunday. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and all was well. As a kid, I grew up with a fascination of magic. I had all kinds of toys and tricks that I would practice for hours until I mastered them so I could impress my mother; she always gave me the best reactions. Because of my interest in magic I looked up to, all of the amazing magicians such as David Copperfield and David Blaine but my all time favorite magician was Harry Houdini. My interest in Magic actually began with him. By the time I turned 14, I had watched all available documentaries about his life and his works countless times. I managed to master a handful of his simpler tricks, and I researched hundreds of hours on how he was able to perform his more advanced and complex tricks. I had built my hobbies in dedication of his life. In addition, on that fateful Sunday afternoon, as I walked to the county library of my small, under populated town of Brown City, Michigan, my life changed forever. Everyday as I walked to the library I would always cut through a patch of abandoned buildings that were seemingly gloomy and creepy to a stranger, especially towards the end of the day but to me they were just regular old buildings since I had passed through them so many times. As I walked through the buildings with a…
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