Personal Philosophy Of Nursing Practice Essay

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Philosophy of Nursing This paper will cover the philosophy of nursing, its importance, purpose and relevance to the practice, and the challenges nurses face today to maintain a philosophical practice. Methods Methods used and search to obtain credible information were from college online library and a personal outdated home library that serves as a guide for a potential new printed online version. Database searches were CINAHl, advanced search in CINAHL, Google Scholar, and words searched: philosophy, nursing, philosophy of nursing, nursing philosophy, nursing relevance, nursing importance, nursing purpose, metaparagim, and nursing practice. Results The search was successful using a number of search words and sites. A number of resources were found with excellent information and readings relating to nursing philosophy from theorist to patient perspectives, including the challenges nurses face today with staff and budget cuts, government policies, and the challenges to maintain competent and professional standards of nursing practice. A personal philosophy of Nursing A personal philosophy of nursing is to treat the patient holistically. Treat the patient with empathy, and treat all the parts of the system. Students are introduced to the purpose of nursing, importance, relevance, and nursing theories. Personal philosophy of nursing is a perception guided by the education received and a belief in that system. Merriam Webster (n. d.) defines philosophy as, “a set of ideas about

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