Personal Philosophy, Vocational, And / Or Personal Experiences

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Statement of Purpose 1.Discuss how your interest in social work evolved and the philosophy upon which this interest is based. Illustrate this discussion using examples from educational, vocational, and/or personal experiences. Before thinking about going to graduate school, I was sitting beside the green screen looking at my client’s face to make sure everything looked impeccable. Working on set was my life after graduating from Cal State Dominguez Hills. To some people doing makeup for a living may seem superficial, but boosting confidence is what I like to do. All in all, my love for artistry is a fun hobby that pays the bills and keeps my creative juices at flow. Throughout my spiritual journey I’ve come to realize that there are more…show more content…
I said, would he have grown up in better environment and community his life might have been a little better. My professor suggested that’s not true, it doesn’t matter where you grow up or whether you have a family or not. He himself grew up as a young fatherless African American boy in Compton who became “successful” in life. All in all, who determines what success is for every individual? Is everyone built equally to cope with systematic oppression and the grips of depression? Everyone’s struggle is different and we should never put everyone into a singular category of fate. Disregarding societal factors as non contributive to a person mentality and behavior is what can truly be quoted as unrealistic. During my internship I was taught that the key to better your self is understanding why your life is the way it is. That is the conversation I had with that young man. That growing up with out a father and having a drug addict mother is hard for anyone. When it came to my male clients I would always ask, “Was your father present during your childhood”? Of those who answered yes 90% of the time “present” meant their father figure was only there as an abusive form of authority. Furthermore, when it came to clients who were constantly relapsing on drug abuse, in order to aid their struggle we helped them by identifying inner struggles that they never settled with. For example, being molested, as a child was a very
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