Personal Political Beliefs

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I would consider my personal political beliefs as neutral but slightly more toward being a moderate conservative because of a wide variety of outside forces. Over seventeen years, my exposure to politics has been limited. I Due to my political leanings, every day influences that have made me who I am today, and my trust in government and my most important values, I tend to lean slightly more on the democratic side.
My political leanings tend to lean to the right-wing of the political spectrum as a moderate conservative. When it comes to the level of our military spending in order to protect the nation, I believe we should eliminate waste, but we cannot relax our presence overseas. Illegal immigration is an issue that I struggle with taking a definite side. My mother and her whole family immigrated (legally) from Italy when she was a young child, meaning foreigners hold a special place in my heart because I know a large percentage of them are simply trying to make better lives for their families. At the same time, it frustrates me to think that when they are caught, citizens get upset when they get deported. I do not have a problem with accepting and integrating immigrants into society, as long as it is done without breaking the law. Welfare is something I do not know much about but from my understanding, I do not support it. I believe all citizens are capable of coming to a point in their lives where because of bad choices and bad luck, they may need help from an

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