Personal Privilege, Privilege And Privilege

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Personal Privilege
Personal privilege is privilege one receives based on unearned qualities such as skin color, gender, socioeconomic status, demographics, or cultural characteristics (Lee, 2007). Being White and growing up in a predominately White community limited my exposure to other cultures and races. While I was limited to my exposure to other cultures and races I have become aware of White privilege and who it influences interactions with different races and cultures. Whites tend to view “their own beliefs and actions as normative and neutral” (Hays & Chang, 2003, p. 135). This action influences and limits the cultural and racial interactions Whites experience (Hays & Change, 2003). Due to working in a predominately White community it can be easy to forget the importance of establishing racial and cultural differences with clients. Continuing education is exceptionally important in continuing one’s multicultural awareness. As a supervisor this will be my duty to instill this importance into my supervisees (Hird, Cavalieri, Dulk, Felice, & Ho, 2001).
Nature of Oppression
Lee (2007) defined oppression as when “people are denied access and equity that ensure full participation in the life of a society they experience oppression” (p. 2). Those with personal privilege may be at guilt for oppressing others intentionally or unintentionally. While I do not believe I have ever been oppressed or contributed to the oppression of another I know our society is not free from…

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