Personal Psychology : An Analysis Of The Data Of Personality

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Personality Data
Before I even decided what careers to analyze, I took a couple personality tests to learn more about myself and determine what fields I might fit well in. In figure 6 are my results from and in figure 7 & 8 are my results from I felt that both tests very accurately described who I am. 16personalities identified me as a “defender” or ISFJ (introverted sensing feeling judging type). What stood out the most to me is the fact that although ISFJ’s are very reserved, we have well-developed people skills and are naturally social (16personalities, n.d.). I wish everyone could know this about me. The fact that I haven’t said two words all night isn’t because I don’t like you but because you …show more content…

This is my biggest reason that I want to start a business or become a manager. I have been taken advantage of and depended on to pick up for the slack of others more times than I can count. I would rather work for myself or be the boss to ensure that it will never happen. Although, an ISFJ has a natural inclination to avoid these jobs I think we also fit them really well because of our ability to be dependable and please others. If I ever start a business you better believe I would constantly be asking the customer what they like and what they can’t stand. However, these personality tests suggest that being an executive would be a less than ideal job for me. Instead, the suggested jobs of an ISFJ tend to be medical focused or educational focused. Which my degree is in business. Some of the business fields a defender personality type may enjoy includes human resource management, hotel manager, office manager, or administrative assistant.
Career data
Figure 2 & 5 display the final ratings on a 1-5 scale (figure 3). The jobs analyzed include (top four in red) business manager (2.87), HR manager (3.93), small business owner (3.27), insurance underwriter (2.8), banking manager (2.53), executive, (2.20) principle (2.87), athletic director (3.53), and coach (3). Instead of wasting my breath analyzing the careers below a three I will

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