Personal Reflection Essay : My Diversity As A Student

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As a child, I was well known as the shy girl with her nose stuck in a book. It wasn’t until middle school that I learned to be outgoing, and to enjoy the company of others more. I decided as a seventh grader that if I was going to grow as a person, I eventually needed to understand how to communicate with others better. Now is always the best time to start learning, so I launched myself out of my comfort zone and applied for both National Junior Honors Society and Student Council. To my delight I was accepted into both, and the time I spent in those groups taught me a great deal about working with others and communicating thoughts and ideas. I even stood in front of my church at the age of fourteen and gave my testimony before my …show more content…

During my interactions as a leader of a community group at school, I began to understand that hanging out with people did not have to mean being the entertainment or always telling people what to do. Sometimes, a little bit of silent attention is the best thing you can give to a person. In the past couple of years, I have learned to cultivate my spiritual gift of knowledge. During the year of 2016, I read the bible chronologically from cover to cover. I still read my Bible consistently, even if I am finishing homework at midnight. I also use a method similar to the Leitner system in order to keep large passages of scripture in my memory. These words inspire and guide me during hard times. We don't always have a bible on hand, and when we do we don't always know where to look for inspiration. However, disciplining myself to keep learning about the Bible keeps it fresh and helps me to apply it to my life, giving me strength in trials. My psychology teacher often took time out of his class to have us take personality tests or answer introspective questions. One day, he asked us to choose from a list of about fifty adjectives the seven words that best described us. Eventually, he had us reduce this selection to just four adjectives and asked us to share them with the class. Two of my finalists were logic and creativity. He was quite surprised and told me that he didn't often see people that considered themselves to be both. However, I do value both qualities and

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