Environmental Analysis of Target Corporation

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Environmental Analysis of Target Corporation

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September 12, 2011

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Environment Analysis of Target Corporation

Target Corporation is one of the largest merchants in the world. Target is recorded to be the sixth largest retailer within the United States. Founded by, George Dayton in 1902 Minneapolis, Minnesota. Target stores have a variety of products which includes everything from clothing to automotive and electronics. It is a corporation that is on-top of their game and continues to grow day-out. It is a brand that is well known and continues to raise the bar each year effectively. This paper will detect the importance of internal and external within the corporation overall.

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Opportunities of Target

The current opportunities that Target is face with are:

• Target will need to focus on cost cutting in order to reduce their prices that are applied to the products.

• Target should take advantage of international markets.

• Target will need to consider offering awareness program.

• Invention of labor Union will need to be essential in order to increase employee gratification.

• Target can also consider increasing their market shares overall.

Threats of Target

Although Target provides superior quality and ideal customer services, the company is still face with risk and threats. The threats of Target consist of:

• Increasing competition with Wal-Mart.

• Customer diverting or products due to high price products during a recession.

• Continuous increasing within interest rates, and taxes.

• Security concern due to terrorism threats increasing.

• The merge of Sears and Kmart.

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis is a serious part of the organization therefore; Target must identify and address all issues pertaining to the business. Target must pinpoint the tangible competitors, and substitutes, evaluate opponents’ objectives, strategies, strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities and threats, and uncover what opponents Target should take on or stand clear of. Therefore, Target must analyze the company’s economic, sociocultural, technological, political, and future.
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