Personal Reflection In Psychology

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Psychology is the “systematic, objective study of our mental activity and our behavior” (Grison, Heatherton, Gazzaniga, 2017, p. 5). In order to fully comprehend ourselves, we need to understand the reasons for our behaviors and if the behaviors are healthy. Habits and behaviors have positive and negative effects in our life and health. When we know ourselves and learn about our unique personality, we can develop as confident individuals and pursue endeavors and goals. Psychology also enables us to understand other people and the differences of people. Gaining this knowledge and understanding can enhance the relationships in our lives and allow us to develop stronger communication skills. Throughout the psychology course, I gained …show more content…

480) I discovered I’m typically a person that has my impulses under control and I’m considered a stable person because I’m consistent with my emotions. Some of the character traits that would describe my personality are careful, reliable, and thoughtful. My friends often comment that I go out of my way to help them with homework questions or when they have a problem I take the time to listen to their concerns. “Our culture made a virtue of living only as extrovert,” is a quote from Anais Nin found in the book, Quiet (Cain, p. 264). This finding is what I discovered when I was in elementary school. The students that talked a lot seemed to be the popular students. Students that were too quiet, like myself, were considered unsociable and needed to learn skills to communicate and socialize. I often felt awkward in school because I wasn’t the confident, bold student who could easily verbalize what was on his mind. When there was an option of either working in a group or working alone on a project, I chose the latter. I work more concisely and usually slower than other students on my homework because I focus on detail. In social events, I enjoy being around my family and close friends and often feel uncomfortable among large groups of people. All of these qualities fit in the definition of an introvert, and at times this made it difficult for me to feel accepted, which led to an anxiety disorder.. “Social

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