Personal Reflection Of A Person With Schizophrenia

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On approaching B it became apparent that he was distressed as he was sweating, pacing around the room, swinging a walking stick and he was concerned that two people were going to hurt him, shouting that these two individuals had been in his room stealing stuff. His behaviours were distressing other service-users who were looking on concerned. Myself and my colleague persuaded B to come down into the office area, to minimise the risk to himself and other service-users, whilst also protecting his dignity and confidentiality. We went into one of the meeting rooms and tried to ascertain if he was feeling unwell. We positioned ourselves nearest the door to ensure that if B became aggressive we had easy access to leave the room. We asked if he felt unwell and wanted to speak to his doctor to which he agreed. Whist in the room B was becoming more distressed, pacing around the small room and talking to people who were not present. These hallucinations were causing him distress and he was arguing with them. We were finding it difficult to engage him in a coherent conversation. He was anxious, confused, angry and suspicious of other service-users. He explained that he had not slept in days, I asked B if he had been drinking or had taken any drugs. I was…show more content…
Following this short discussion drawing upon crisis-intervention as guidance, I felt that his current state of crisis required rapid intervention. It was agreed that he would benefit from the support of mental health professionals to decide if he needed to be admitted to hospital or not. I telephoned the crisis team at Nottinghamshire Healthcare and described what I had observed in B current behaviour. The crisis team advised that they were unable to support us and on agreement with my work place supervisor I called for an
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