Personal Reflection Of The Simplification Test

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I participated in the "extreme" level of the simplification experiment for five days in which I was forced to forgo all modern technology (i.e. cell phones, television, microwaves, and laptops) and excessive beauty products such as makeup and hair products; the hardest parts were giving up hair products and my cell phone and the easiest was not watching television or wearing makeup. As previously stated, I struggled to not use hair products or my cell phone. I wore my hair up for the entirety of the five days due to the fact that it would look horrible in any other style without hair products. It was hard at first because I planned the way I was going to style my hair for a test I had, but I had no other option than to wear it up. Even more difficult than forgoing all hair products was not using my cell phone. I am constantly on my phone; there is not a moment that i keep it farther than 10 feet from me. I always check the group chats I am in and I promptly respond to my notifications. Knowing that I was missing out on conversation was difficult, and it was hard to resist the temptation to check my notifications. Even though I disliked not using my phone or hair products, I quickly became accustomed to my life without them by the fifth day of the experiment. …show more content…

I do not regularly watch television everyday; therefore, it was easy for me to not use it because I only had one temptation. I do not where makeup every single day but I do wear it often, so the five days of the simplification experiment gave my skin time to recuperate and revive itself. I never feel insecure without makeup so I did not struggle with insecurities when I did not wear it. The only thing I used during the length of the experiment was a light moisturizer; this made me feel light and

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