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During this year I had the chance to work and achieve my goals, put into practice my experience to demonstrate my abilities to solve problems and help to achieve common goals as a team in the new challenges presented in the design of an isolation product. Also, I had the opportunity to continue learning and growing as an engineer, expanding my experience to isolation products. Had the opportunity to work on the design on two blocks in the si89200, the modulator and isolation channel. The isolation channel was an excellent experience because it gave me the opportunity to gain more experience in the requirements of an isolation product. Also, had to opportunity to mentor and work closely with the summer intern. Goal: Support applications and PTE groups For this goal early in the year I had the opportunity continue supporting apps in the lab with AM related questions on the si479x. Sergio Candina had questions related to IM2 and IM3 performance I helping him to find that the problem was in his setup, also I showed him how to debug if a spur is produced by the operation of the firmware. On isolation I had to opportunity to work with aps people in multiple times. For example, on the si8920 Long Nguyen had a problem with an RMA in the lab. I was asked to help him, the chip presented bimodal distribution gain. I was able to helping show that the problem was related to long time constant on the supply during startup, customer has a time constant >2ms in the controller supply,

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