Personal Reflection

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Personal reflection is a very useful skill that helps the reflector solidify any learning or knowledge that has been captured by the individual. The purpose of this essay is to reflect upon this course and insert my personal feelings and observations about my performance during this time. In this summary I will describe how I improved my knowledge, skills and abilities during this session. I will also evaluate my work that was completed in this session and comment upon the subjects that I did not master while making recommendations on how I can improve on my performance and if I achieved the course objectives that were laid out at the beginning of this session. Learning is much like a cycle. Information is stored within some mechanism of the mind powers to that can be called upon by the willful intention of its user. In this course I have learned much not only about the subjects presented in the texts and lectures, but about myself and how I have adapted to my own personal learning cycles. Recalling the information presented in this class is only useful if there is a practical outlet to allow this information to flourish and contribute to the greater good of my surroundings. I performed very well in the discussion parts of this class by scoring nearly perfect on all the required submissions for this part of the course. I am much more confident of my ability to recall information and insert into a logical argument and successfully communicate this message to my peers and

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