Author's Improvement Over the Course of a Class: A Self-Reflective Essay

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Self-Reflective Essay The author of this response has been asked to pen a self-reflective essay that addresses five main points. These points, in order, are where the author of this response improved the most over the course of the class, to provide an evaluation of the work the author did and an explanation of how the work could have been performed better, topics that have been identified that the author did not understand or were not successful in trying to implement and how the course work could have been better, ways the author would measure future success based on what has been learned in the course and whether the author achieved the course objectives. Questions Answered The author feels that the knowledge of conic sections and quadratic equations has certainly been improved during this course. In addition to the topics learned, the author had to internally instill good learning and study habits due to the depth and breadth of the material being learned. Learning mathematical concepts as complex as the ones in the course takes dedication and due diligence and cannot be approach casually because that is a recipe for disaster at the end of the day. The author found out quite quickly early on that approaching this course half-cocked was a bad idea and the author simply spent the time and did the best the author could over the course of the class session. The author did struggle a bit with all of the different functions and how to find the solutions to the problems

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