Personal Reflection of Media Use Essay

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Over the past week I have been keeping track of my media use. I discovered I lead a pretty repetitive technological lifestyle. Weekday mornings I start my media consumption via my alarm clock on my cell phone. Why not use the regular alarm clock? Because with a cell phone I do not have to get up and out of bed in the morning- the snooze button is even closer to my barely awake fingertips. After hitting the snooze button at least once I make a point to check out Facebook because we all know everyone is constantly updating at 5:45 every morning. After getting out of bed, getting ready and entering my car for my 90-minute commute I turn to one of the older forms of media my car radio. I listen to “Elvis Duran in the Morning” each morning. …show more content…

On my lunch break I check to see if I have received text messages, personal emails, and of course see the newest updates of Facebook (slowly realizing how addicted I am to this form of social media). Lunch is usually simple, deli meat from Aldi’s or a microwavable meal. I am not sure if either of these are purchased because of commercials I’ve seen on television or out of convenience of making packing a lunch easier. On my way home I found I listen to the radio but not as closely – singing along to some songs, shazming ones I may not know. I get home and relax by watching television. I will continue to browse Facebook (and admit to my addiction to it), look up recipes on pintrest. This past week I’ve been super focused on Superbowl food as I am hosting a Superbowl party. I also have done research on the Seattle Seahawks as of late as they are my boyfriend’s favorite team and I want to sound like I know what I am talking about. These pintrest recipes are having me go out and purchase the food required – as they have in the past for other events. This form of media is possibly where I make most food decisions. Pintrest has also provided me with different wardrobe ideas and trying to imitate them on a cheap, affordable level. The best part of my Facebook addiction is the easier contact I have with friends who live in other states. Though I could text or call typing on

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