Personal Selling- Strategy Guide

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Personal Selling
A Strategy Guide

Ali Al-Kubaisi

Personal selling is a form of selling that many companies rely on heavily to promote and move their products. The personal selling process involves seven steps that a salesperson must go through with most sales. Understanding these seven steps can help improve your individual sales or the sales of your company. Personal selling is especially important in large, sometimes even multi-million, business deals because if a corporation is going to invest that kind of money, they will not do so without a sense of personal assurance.

During this stage, the sales representative looks at any information that he may have about the customer. He may practice his sales …show more content…

After such learning, the salesperson should approach the customer in a polite and dignified way. He should introduce himself and his product to the customer.
After the prospects interest has been grasped, the sales presentation is delivered. This involves a "persuasive vocal and visual explanation of a business proposition". It should be done in a relaxed atmosphere to encourage the prospect to share information in order to establish requirements. Some small talk may be necessary to reduce tension but the purpose always remains business. During this stage of the process, the sales representative makes a presentation. This can involve demonstrating the product or service and showing the customer why they need it. The sales rep should focus on the features and benefits of the product or service during this part of the process.
In some cases, the sales representative will have to overcome objections by the customer. Many customers have questions and concerns at this point of the sales process. If the sales representative can answer the questions and overcome any objections successfully, the barriers for a successful sale will be removed. Objections are often indications of interest by the prospect and should not be viewed with misgiving by salespeople. The prospect is in fact requesting additional information to help him to justify a decision to buy. The prospect may not be fully convinced and the issues raised are thus

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