Personal Space and Boundaries; Making Friends in Usa

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Personal Space and Boundaries; making friends in USA
Most of the foreign students who come to the United States to study find out that the concept of friendship is not what they know, or not what they have been brought up to believe. They believe that Americans seem very friendly at in the beginning stage of friendship and then they sort o disappear. In my culture, people who don’t know each other don’t say “Hello, how are you etc.” to people they don’t know or they don’t get into conversation about the weather, or any other general topic with complete strangers. People only do these things with people that they know. That is why it is very surprising to foreign students when everybody on the streets smiles at him/her and try to make
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That is why they think Americans are superficial. As foreigners see it, people known and accepted temporarily, casually, flow in and out of Americans, homes with little ceremony and often with little personal commitment. They can be anybody they know, parents of children’s friends, business associates, from another town or a country. The atmosphere is relaxed and most people, old and young are called by their first names. For people from other nations usually people from the same sex, the same age group can be friends, not like in the United States. The meaning of friendship changes from nation to nation. What, then, is friendship? Looking at these different styles, including our own, each of which is related to a whole way of life, are there common elements? There is the recognition that friendship, in contrast with kinship, invokes freedom of choice. A friend is someone who chooses and is chosen. Related to this is the sense each friend gives the other of being a special individual, on whatever grounds this recognition is based. And between friends there is inevitably a kind of equality of give-and-take. These similarities make the bridge between societies possible, and the American 's characteristic openness to different styles of relationship makes it possible for him to find new friends abroad with whom he feels at
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