Personal Statement : A Career As A Nurse Practitioner

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A nurse practitioner, is a profession that I have wanted to pursue for many years. The Family Nurse Practitioner program of the County of Los Angeles Department of Health Services and California State University of Los Angeles will provide the advanced level of education I need, to provide evidence based practice care to a wide variety of patients. My goal is to utilize this level of expertise and knowledge to give back to the community especially to the underprivileged inmate population in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department by providing them easy access to high quality, patient centered and cost effective health care. Being a nurse was my childhood dream. It started when my aunt, who was a Military Nurse shared her work experiences with me. Listening to her experiences stimulated my interest in nursing and it developed my core beliefs of community, family, loyalty, and compassion to serve the people who need medical help. It also taught me that all things worthwhile required hard work. Another factor that influenced my interest in nursing was going with my mother who was a Medical Technologist and worked at a local community hospital. At a very young age, I was exposed to how healthcare services were rendered by nurses. I was fascinated to see how they provided care to patients without hesitations, nurtured their profession and achieved self-fulfillment with what they do every day. I learned how therapeutic and comforting an encouraging

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