Personal Statement For A Career In Psychology

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The state of California leads the United States in population size by a large margin, with an astounding total of around 39 million citizens. This population appears even more massive when you take into account that the entire country of Canada only contains about 36 million people. Now what if I said that there were 43.8 million adults in the United States alone that undergo some kind of mental illness in a given year. It is an astonishing realization that the United States has more residents than the thirty-eighth most populated country in the world, whilst only including American adults with a mental condition. This large group of individuals contains more members than our most populated state, and make up 18.5 percent of the adult…show more content…
A mental ailment is a lot like a physical ailment in the sense that it is can be very difficult for the patient to overcome if they don’t have access to proper medical care. Diagnosis and treatment are imperative when combating mental illness, and I hope that I can help reduce the number of people that fight the battle alone. I want to try to give any patients of mine the life they deserve in spite of their mental condition. Furthermore, ensuring that victims of mental illness receive proper aid results in a safer environment for the people around them as well. Without treatment the patient's mental condition could become worse, and they could put themselves or others in danger. Mental disorders alone are not necessarily predictors for violence, but can lead to violent acts when left untreated or coupled with something like substance abuse disorder. Substance abuse can potentially amplify pre-existing symptoms in a person suffering from a mental condition, and roughly half of the 20 million individuals that have a substance abuse problem in the US also have a coexisting mental illness. Helping people is an empowering act, but the countless number of lives that could be saved in the process is priceless, and it is another huge reason my heart is set on this career. However, around fifty percent of people with mental disorders still go untreated, and the solution to this problem is much more complex than
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