Personal Statement From Mccurdy, Spradley, Shandy ( 2005 )

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Question 1)
Advice from McCurdy, Spradley, Shandy (2005) for the first interview included being offsite if possible to limit distractions, educating the participant and gaining their consent. As a starting point, the researcher should explain the research and ethnography letting the interviewee know what information we are looking for and why. Inform him or her that a series of questions will be asked or a survey will be given this way they know what to expect, there will be no surprises and may help them to relax.. Researcher must also have consent to interview and permission to record it as well. McCurdy (2005) suggests while interviewing, the researcher needs to ask descriptive questions and keep a keen ear open to pick up on folk terms. Folk terms are used between members of a certain culture and are usually only know to others in that same culture. (McCurdy et al., 2005, pp.34-37)
I plan to do my interviewing on site; in a library there should be limited distractions and I would also like to observe the interactions between the librarians themselves as well as with the public. After having fully explained the scope of this project and more details of this research, I hope to ask response provoking questions that allow the interviewee to open up about the duties and work life of a librarian. Dr. Elizabeth (Dori) Tunstall in the Biller and Scovel video (2008, July 2) stated:
The goal is to get the most honest and open information that you can from people and if

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