Personal Statement: Le Moyne College

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Le Moyne College,

When pursued with a question about my future goals I often return back to a mindset of a child. As a child I dreamed the normal dreams like being an astronaut or a doctor. All these years later I acknowledge the fact that the world needs medical personnel and their space men but they also need teachers. Very much like my mentor I plan to double major between history and nine through twelve education in hopes to be a light in the education system for students to see and enjoy. My experience in youth ministry in the past year has also sparked a cooing desire in my heart to make a difference in a teenagers life as so many people have done for me. The values of the school being spirit, inquiry, leadership, and jesuit inspire …show more content…

The professor to student ratio is also a very good fit for my personal learning style. I do better in a smaller environment where I can receive help as it is needed. This is where inquiry comes in. The smaller environment would give me a greater chance to question and pursue the values of history as John Tosh does in his novel Pursuing History. The educators at the facility would enthral me to challenge what I may think and ask questions to reach enlightenment on a topic. An education at Le Moyne College would present me one of the best opportunities I can get when it comes to studying history. The professors are known in many aspects from stories of their teaching to writing textbooks. The history department at this college is the best I have found in a while of looking. I am very convinced with a degree and an education from such a praised department that my future goals of being an …show more content…

My spiritual values and my connection to god and my church drive me in all things to be as christ like as I possibly can. Tho not studying for a ministry career I feel I will still have many encounters through god and in my walk with him. Pope Francis says “When we can see God reflected in all that exists, our hearts are moved to praise the Lord for all his creatures and to worship him in union with them.” This quote speaks very much into what I’ve been instilled through my time seeking our Lord. When surrounded by a group that loves and follows god as much as I do, I can see nothing but good things

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