Personal Statement : ' Lord Of The Glory '

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Father, help me to keep my eyes focused on you no matter the situation and how I am feeling today. Help me to remember that you are the one who made my body and you know every thing that is not in working order. I believe you are a healer, even of those thing I have no knowledge of. I believe Lord, that you are also a comforter, and that you sent the Holy Spirit to comfort me in my time of need, and for that Lord, I thank you in advance for healing me in both my body and my heart and for the comfort to ease my uneasiness.

Lord you also made my mind and my every thought as well as my dreams and desires here on earth. Today I need encouragement for those dreams and desires and strength and an understanding to know that every setback does not mean it is not so, and I will keep my eye on the prize, because I run to win, and when I win Lord you get all the glory, because it is not in my own strength and my being that is has come to pass, but it is only with your help that I am here and for that Lord, I thank you for being the potter and I being the clay, thank you for molding me and shaping me into what you would have me to be. Thank you for keeping me in my right mind!

Lord today, I struggle, I am hurting and in pain, my thoughts are clouded with what I see, what I hear and what is presented before me. Today my eyes are filled with tears because I am human and my emotions are running wild. I ask you to calm my spirit and to get my feeling under control.

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