Personal Statement : My Guidance Counselor

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As a girl who grew up in the small rural town of Red Creek, NY, my identity has always seemed pretty obvious. Being that I am the second oldest in a group of five, everyone would assume I was just like my older sister,who was indeed the all around over achiever and brainiac. Whenever a teacher, classmate, or community member heard that I was a Luckette, they immediately assumed I was smart, talented and respectful. I was always expected to not only be involved in year round sports and after school activities, but hold leadership positions within these activities. My guidance counselor assumed I would be taking the most advanced courses, and teachers would often times refer classmates to me for help. Thus, I became that person that my parents and community expected me to be. It was a lot of responsibility, but it also pushed me to improve and work hard.The community saw all five of us as well rounded over achievers; however, within our home we saw each other in a different way. You could say that we saw each other through family imposed distortions, or maybe we just saw each other for what we really were. My older sister was indeed the the academic one, who was smart and loved school, while I tended to be the competitive, sporty, and social one. My younger sister was the theatre girl, and we all had our place. My family, of course, knew that we were all different and had our strengths and weaknesses. I had to study for hours to get the grades that my older sister

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