Personal Statement On Community Work

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If yes, please describe your role and achievements in your club
I have unpredictable and severe epileptic seizures, idiopathic hypersomnia, depression, and anxiety. The unpredictable nature of my epilepsy has caused extreme difficulties in being able to attend classes on campus, work collaboratively with peers and mentors, and to continue my learning beyond the classroom. This has contributed to a significant impact on my learning and engagement in my studies.
For the moment, due to my circumstances it has made it too difficult to be involved in any student club activities. However, it is my ambition when circumstances permit to join a student club and make a meaningful contribution.
It should be mentioned, that at my previous university, when I was enrolled in a Bachelor of Nursing/ Bachelor of Bachelor of Arts before I changed to a more appropriate course due to my epilepsy, I held a leadership position.
I was one of the student representatives for my course and the role included the wellbeing of other students, organisations and supervision of functions, student liason, attending weekly meetings and university tours.

Are you involved in any community / charity service? Please describe your role and achievements.
I am strongly passionate about working in and with the community, and advocating for those who are disadvantaged. My community work at Central Highlands Community Legal Centre is providing me with invaluable professional experience within the community, whilst maintaining my passion to help those who are disadvantaged.
Being a tutor for the Smith Family Koori Learning is very important to me as I can help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth from less fortunate backgrounds. I can also show young people that they have the power to achieve anything they desire despite any barriers they may face through hard work.
Working as a volunteer at the annual Cops ‘n’ Kids Challenge Cancer Camp in Ballarat is a cause that bears a lot of significance to me. My role is to provide support to other volunteers and careers and assist unwell children for the camp. It is a camp run by Ballarat Police for children aged 5-8 suffering from, or affected by cancer. The co-coordinator of the camp is my
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