Personal Statement On Leadership Activity

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Leadership Activity Performed
The leadership activity I performed for my personal leadership lab was committing myself to personal training. For this Leadership final project, I personally trained two clients, totaling 4.5 hours. I performed these training sessions on the days of February 17, 20, and 24, 2016. I got into personal training around the time of this project’s beginning. My friend Thomas has been a personal trainer on the side for over a year. I have had a little over two years of workout experience, and he introduced me to the personal training class. It is a class that takes only a weekend to complete to become certified. I received one of my clients in inquiry from Thomas, and the other client I found through a craigslist ad. I used these first two clients for my Leadership Lab because I knew there was a lot to learn. Both of these clients are members of the gym I attend called 24hr Fitness. Out of convenience, I trained both clients in this gym.

My first client was Frank, a client I had received from Thomas. I learned a lot working with this client based upon my leadership. My Second client was a woman named Pamela. She was familiar with certain workouts, but said she needs the coaching and motivation to get herself to the gym. Workouts with her went very smoothly. As for my other client Frank, the workout was not as smooth. During my personal training sessions, I found that having Socialized Charisma (Chapter 3, page 76) was a key to success. Aligning the…
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