Personal Statement On Special Needs Children

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“The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows.”, Buddha To understand why I have the desire to work with special needs children is also to understand how I came to this crossroad, and with much hesitation reached this conclusion of my life’s purpose. During my last thirty years of my working life, I have only spent the last nine in education. I spent most of this time working in the oil field, traveling and living life as a “company man”. It was a divorce that shined a light on the possibilities of a career in education. I was now a single father with a three-year old little girl. I could no longer dedicate myself to call hours, weekend commitments, and travel demands of the oil industry. I took my first teaching job working in a private Christian school in Katy, Texas. There I developed and taught a new Computer Literature curriculum. With a bachelor of science degree in Information Technology and Networking Management I attend an alternative certification program to teach in the public sector. I took my first public teaching job at an alternative school call Compass, teaching eighth grade math. To say that I went into education heads first with this school is an understatement. Compass is a transition school for kids either coming from or the last chance before a child detention center. I was able to interact with many students having ADHD and/or behavior problems. There were times when my entire class had a BIP, IEP or both. The processes,
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