Personal Statement On Texting Language

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I really don’t like writing! But I love texting. I also love talking but I don’t like speaking. Speaking doesn’t always let me express my inner deep thoughts and my true emotions. It’s hard to speak because everywhere in life you will get judged for saying the wrong thing. But texting to one of my friends is the easiest thing possible cause I can really just say what I want to and get straight to the point. Texting uses everyday words and abbreviates them into less complex words so that your thoughts and opinions can be looked at by others with ease. For instance if you was speaking to a friend and said “Hey wats sup, r u busy rn”? It is more comfortable to have written that because it’s less time consuming and more approachable. This texting language helps a lot of people get more socially comfortable and socially accepted because this texting can shorten a paragraph to usually couple sentences. Being socially accepted can be an enormous step for many and the more you are accepted the better you will feel as a person. Although you can also be judged by the way you text is also true, most times that is not a factor to people because Texting can help the individuals who wouldn 't have the confidence to approach or be able to speak to someone for instance in the other gender , alternately who need shakier interpersonal skills, Abstain from conceivably distressing encounters. We realize being a tease be enormously awkward; Texting is frequently all the loaded

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