Personal Statement: Timeworn Engaging Students

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There’s a popular TV show called the Fixer Upper. A married couple takes timeworn beaten up homes, and transform them into a masterpiece. At the time no one is able to visualize how this transformation will take place except the experts. This is all due to them having the tools to fix major and minor problems and the gift of being able to see the ending product before even starting on it. Due to this talent, many people rely on them to make what was once a broken home a dream home.

I consider myself an expert when it comes to working with children with learning gaps, learning disabilities or setbacks. I call this my gift. I’m able to visualize the success a child can have due to my skills and knowledge with working with kids, specifically struggling students. If a teacher needs advice, I am usually the one to help. In many instances, I have often swooped in on my magic rug, handle things that were deemed impossible, and turn a struggling student into a remarkable masterpiece. In these circumstances, I’ve …show more content…

I assist them in seeing where they require more practice and devise and implement a plan for their success and it’s very rewarding to celebrate their …show more content…

I strive to make my students feel like they are apart of a safe, fun learning environment and I continue to let them know that I’m on their team. My success comes when I know I they have achieved the goals that I’ve implemented for them on an academic and personal level. I feel that I am effective when I see that my students are learning and progressing at the appropriate levels and beyond. I look forward to those “light bulb” moments. As an educator, I am assisting in setting them on a path to success in school and in life. Teaching allows me to share my love for learning with young minds and help students discover their

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