Personal Statement : Training Team

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It all started when they took me away from my home in Africa. I was at my high school graduation with a 4.0 GPA. I was extremely proud of myself when suddenly a helicopter arrived on campus. I thought it was maybe for one of the rich kids getting picked up but surprise! It was for me. A woman stepped out and grabbed me by the arm. I was confused and scared and I wish I had my parents there to help me. But I had no one. Once we got in the helicopter, she greeted herself. "I 'm Jackie. I 'll be your instructor for you and your team," she said. "My team? Like a sports team?" "No silly. Your training team which will further turn into your fighting team," she answered. I thought to myself what Jackie meant and apparently she could read my face because she answered that question for me. "By training team I mean your partners who you will you work out, exercise, and work with in schooling. By fighting team I mean who you will fight with in further missions." "Wait so those rumors are real?!" Jackie questioned what I meant by rumors. "There 's rumors going around that students are being taken into some program to fight the government." And with that she turned her head, smiled, and looked out into the world which two years later turned into shit. My team consisted of three other people. Joseph Desavage but we call him The Savage Mob, Jack Landon, Jaye Jinx, and me, Saph Bello, Saph short for Sapphire. I 'm writing this down and looking back at those two years we trained together and

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