Personal Teaching Beliefs

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III. Describe your philosophy and beliefs about teaching and explain how you demonstrate them in your personal teaching style. As an educator, I firmly believe that all students deserve the right to learn to their highest potential. Students come to us from a wide range of ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds which creates a very diverse classroom full of students. Therefore, every student is unique in his or her own respective way. Working with and learning about each student’s life is not only enjoyable, but also helps me become the best teacher I possibly can be for every student. I feel that each student’s individual learning needs should be addressed. Meeting each students needs is imperative to ensure they desire the ability to carry knowledge with them and build upon it for the rest of their lives. Based on their experiences, students enter school with different levels of readiness. It is my responsibility to embrace my students, cultivate their learning and watch them grow. For example, some students are early bloomers and strive to reach new goals, while other students may be late bloomers, needing further time to grow and develop. For students requiring more, I use individualized and small group activities for re-teaching skills. I also use these types of activities to provide enrichment for students who are ready to advance to the next level. I believe that learning should be fun. In my classroom, we learn through music, movement,

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