Personal Theories On Family Court Beliefs

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Family Court Participants The case I saw in family court was to last an hour but lasted 2 hours. The case involved a divorced couple Darryl Foster and Linda Foster. Linda had an attorney named Charles Brown who was very experienced from the way he addressed the court and asked the proper questions. The court case was filed for temporary orders until a new custody order could be established.
Linda got to get on the stand first as she was the one that filed the petition. She spoke of her time dealing with addiction, their divorce, her depression, time she spent in prison for a DUI, and the time spent with her daughter. She presented evidence of character letters, completion of counseling, letter from her sponsor and her boss from work, documents showing her ADOT and judge releasing her driver license.
Darryl seemed extremely nervous coming in as his hands were shaking. He was not prepared for court and the attorney gave Darryl his copies of evidence. He often stated that he was not a lawyer and did not know what he was doing. The judge tried comforting him saying “that it was okay and he did not need to be” Darryl stepped on the stand and testified that he had not let Linda see her daughter since 2014 regardless of what the court order said. He also admitted to letting Linda see their daughter not supervised over several weekends even though he was the one ordered to supervise the visitation. Darryl admitted giving his daughter a polygraph test to his daughter and
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