Personal Values Of Art

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Art History 3.6

Values such as personal, symbolic, religious and iconic can be shown in these three major artworks, Christian Boltanski’s 2010’s artwork ‘Personnes’, Damien Hirst’s 2007’s artwork ‘For the Love of God’ and Jeff Koons’s 1994 – 2010’s artwork ‘Balloon Dog/Balloon Rabbit’.

Christian Boltanski’s “Personnes” reflects personal values as he believed that art raises many questions and fulfilling emotions but there’s no answer to neither of them. He assumes that death is unpredictable, chance is watching every human life as they live on their life. His intention is to allow each viewer to observe these compiled clothes of “mass graves” and “honouring the dead”. He created this artwork to reflect the personal values of each deceased personal experience and “commemorate the lives of others”, to leave the human trace as they moved onto the afterlife. Personal values is reflected on each part of the artwork such as the compiled pile of clothes making up the whole artwork itself and form them as shrines of the deceased, creating a “personal effect” on the viewer as well as communicating with them. Personal values are also reflected on not just clothes but other people’s belongings, as reminders that there was a time when they once wore them and show sympathy and connect with them on a deeper level, as Laura Cumming, art critic for The Observer states; “this was an art that spoke so clearly and simply that a child could understand it and so it is, to some extent, with

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