The Sound of a Hundred Feathers: The Symbolism of Richard Hook's Painting, Adoption of the Human Race

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The Sound of a Hundred Feathers

Art has always been considered the effervescent universal tool of communication. Art does not require a concrete directive . One sculpture,drawing or written creative piece, can evoke a myriad of emotions and meaning . Artistic pieces can sometimes be considered the regurgitation of the artist's internal sanctum. In Richard Hooks graphic painting,Adoption of the Human Race, the effect of the imagery,symbols ,color and emotional content projects a profound unification of a spiritual edict. The image of the chief is the initial focal point in the painting,Adoption of the Human Race.The chief's image evokes a great sense of sadness for the mass of people. You get a sense of concern regarding the …show more content…

The rainbow has always been connected to spirituality. In Christianity and Judaism, it denotes a covenant between God and the human race. In the painting, it symbolizes hope, a hope for a better tomorrow. In certain cultures, colors are considered sacred. Colors can also be considered symbolic ,especially in art. In the ,Adoption of the Human Race, the main colors are a muted blue , a shading of yellow to dark brown ,black ,white and a secondary coloring of vibrant yellows and reds. The painting is that of Native Americans. In the Native American culture the color blue signifies wisdom and confidence. The chief is depicted in all blue. The color blue correlates with the role that is personified by the chief in the painting. The sky backdrop is black , black means strength. The black sky encases both the eclipsed moon and bolt of lightning. Creation and chaos can each be infused by power. The color of the people as brown in two different shades identifies the difference in one race,male or female. The yellow ,in the Native American culture, does not embody happiness, yellow symbolizes death. In the painting, the yellow object emits a feeling of detriment. First glance, you automatically think it is the sun, but you never get a feeling of warmth . A closer look, the object depicts an explosion,doom. The yellow explosion then brings solidarity to all the components in the painting .

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