Personal Values Of Morals, And Legal Issues Of Bullying

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Caroline Chance Dr. Hoeffner English 1302 14 July 2015 Intro: provide bibliographic info As any member of society knows, the masses will never be content. Give them something useful, and eventually a group will use it for harm. In Jess Zimmerman’s Twitter argument, she contends that twitter take some caution to monitor the hate speech it allows to be published. This article deals with personal values of morals, and legal issues of bullying being tolerated. Society must choose it’s battles to fight, and if not through Twitter, people will always find a way to persecute others. Twitter police are not going to end the evil’s of society, nor would they ever be 100% successful in their attempts to clean up their site. body 1: why is this article an argument? First, Zimmerman argues that successful platforms, without fail, turn into publications, such as Facebook and Twitter. Declaring that these successful platforms should accept responsibility for hate speech on their sites; rightfully so, the more eyes seeing the publications means the more influence upon those viewers. Claiming that Twitter could monitor what is published on its sight to be a better platform, even thought they are not legally forced to care, means twitter needs more overseers. Whether or not this monitoring is high up on Twitter’s priority list, most people would agree that morally, overseeing the publications would be a site improvement. Using the metaphor of a megaphone handed to society as Twitter’s

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