Personality Change And Age Difference

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Barbara Sarfo PSY 437 Advanced Research Method 07/20/2015 Personality Change and Age Difference Does the age difference have something to do with people change in their personality? A. Specific Aim The age an individual feels is related to changes in characteristic ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving over time. As people aged, they become more mature and they approach thing differently and that in a way has effects their personality either positively or negatively. The aim of the study was to find out if age difference has anything to do with personality change. B. Introduction Personality takes many shapes and forms and is affected by many factors. My understanding of personality is simply a genetic and environmentally determined set of psychological traits that influence our reactions in the world around us. Genetic because our parents possess a certain set of psychological personality traits that we tend to have in common with them so therefore in my opinion there are heritable personality traits. Personality is environmental because we each have our own separate experiences in the world and these experiences help form our unique personality. Neo-Freudians such as Jung have given us a wide array of ideas of how they believe personality is developed and formatted. Jung in particular has a very interesting take on personality. It is this theory that I can most resonate with and apply to myself and even friends and family of mine. Current

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