Personality Perspectives

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Analyzing the Personality Perspectives and Theories
The topic of personality has been of popular study and research in the field of psychology. Different scholars interested in defining the personality questions that have been raised over the years have conducted research studies and provided various perspectives on what they believe personality to be. From a widely acknowledged definition, personality can be defined as characteristics and set of behavioral exhibitions that give rise to the traits that define a specific individual. Every person has a unique personality, which complicates even more the efforts to develop a proper perspective to define the topic of personality. In this context, different psychological experts and scholars have been assessing and …show more content…

The psychoanalytic perspective was the result of the experiments that were conducted on the patient who was referred as Anna O. in the studies that were being conducted by Freud and his friend and colleague Dr. Josef Breuer (Duke, 2002). In his definition of personality in the context of the psychoanalytic perspective, Sigmund Freud provided that personality has three main elements which are ID, ego and superego. He described ID as being the elements of personality that are driven by the internal and basic needs of an individual and that they influence a person to avoid pain and seek pleasure. The ego elements was defined as being driven by the reality principles and that it works to balance and regulate the ID and superego. On the other hand, the superego is based on the morality principle and it controls the way a person appreciates the morality of the higher thoughts and actions. In this regard, it is clear that Sigmund Freud, through his psychoanalytic theory was defining personality based on the id, ego and superego, which are the three main elements that define all types of

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