Personality and Concepts

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Personality & Concepts Abstract An individual’s personality is what makes them unique. How people’s personalities are developed is based on years of research and theories. This paper will discuss some of those theories and dig into the research of personalities. Personality & Concepts * * How I define personality * Personality is what makes a person unique. Personality is also what makes a person similar and different from others. Our personality is what makes us who we are, the reason we make the decisions we make, and why we act the way we do. According to the book, the psychology of personality is measured by eight key aspects: Psychoanalytic, Neo-Analytic/Ego, Biological Behaviorist, Cognitive, Trait,…show more content…
This concept describes my personality good, due to the fact I’m a firm believer that my upbringing and experiences throughout my life have shaped my personality and given me the ability to adapt. Growing up less fortunate gave me the ability to appreciate the small things that are often overlooked by others. While deployed with the Marines, my experiences gave me an outlook on life that can’t be acquired anywhere else. Seeing different people’s situations and struggles gave me a deeper appreciation for what I have and can acquire. * Are your personality features consistent? * My personality features definitely change with different situations. In most situations my main goal is to achieve comfort for myself and the people I’m interacting with, and doing so without compromising who I am. I thrive off change and variety. * * Personality test and their expectations * I’ve taken a personality test before and was amazed by the accuracy of the results. I believe the results were about 80percent correct. A personality test relies on so many factors, like how you were raised, what you’ve been exposed to throughout your life, what your familiar with, what you’re scared of, what makes you happy and nervous, the type of day your having, the mood you’re in at that moment, and honesty. Most people don’t want to score bad and end up with un-attractive results, so they will answer dishonestly with hopes of looking like someone they’re not. The reliability
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