Persuade a Family Member That the World Today Is Better Than 50 Years Ago

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The world is probably as round as 50 years ago, but life views, beliefs and opinion differences between generations induce to continuous controversial discussions such as “The world today is better than 50 years ago”. Who haven’t debated regarding this endless theme, at least once, with a family member? The conflict “time” between generation always have been a theme for divergent discussions, and as rule elder generation tend to influence youth's opinion, pretending on the idea that the live was better then, fifty years ago, and they passed more interesting and useful time rather than is doing now, young generations, who are spending their youth on unimportant things, aspiring to false values. On the other hand energetic, smart and wise …show more content…

Mini Invasive Medicine is the new term-standard in medicine that implies minimal intervention during a maximal treatment, which serves as guide for surgeons the last decades. Complicated procedures such as Organ Transplantation are performed daily as regular surgeries. Giving new chances for life in hopeless situations, at the most skilled level, in such complicated domain as organ transplantation, were considered an unreachable dream fifty years ago. Also health care provides improved qualitative services as never met before in medicines history. In health care facilities are working nurses that not only prove discipline and accuracy in following medical indications, but also possess extensive knowledge in medical field, experience and devotion. E-learning is the greatest accomplishment of today live in study field. The magnificent opportunity to obtain wanted knowledge in the wanted domain, at students own path from students own computer, became an accessible reality. The best thing is that it doesn’t matter on age, number of children possessed and place of living, as long there is a will to study, and a computer connected to the internet. Another advantage of e-learning is affordable cost, a lot of persons do not go to the colleges because payments are too big, and financial aid that state is offering is too small. Online studies are a solution in earning a degree for people with disabilities. If the student is meeting some difficulties in his studies, a skilled

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