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October 28, 2015: Isn’t it funny how some things you will always remember and some things you still don’t quite fully recall. And some things are a mix of both. It is those things, the ones that are a mix of both, that are the big ones—the ones that are the most important. Take my situation. Oh man, I hate life here. The worst part is that I don’t even deserve it. I am innocent, I don’t care what the judge and everybody else thinks! I am innocent! My teacher used to tell us that we are to never, ever say the word hate, and if we ever did, we were to stay in at break and write “I do not hate, I strongly don’t like” on a piece of paper fifty times! I’m sorry, Mrs. Halbert, but I hate that judge. He put me here. He is the reason I’m in juvie. October 30, 2015: I’m sorry how I started that entry. I should have told you normal things that are stated in an opening entry, such as how I got this…show more content…
A bunch of people were coming up to me and trying to make friends, but I was not in the mood. That was going on for the entire first week and guards started to notice. I tried not to show it, but I was mad! I wasn’t mad at anything in particular, just the situation, so I kept ignoring the world. Finally, the guard said that I needed to express my feelings, so he gave me this diary. That felt better. Next time, I will explain it all. November 2, 2015: My name is Samantha McWilliams and I am thirteen. I have one brother, Kyle, who is in grade ten. This is how it all began. . . . One day, I was walking home from school with some guy I didn’t even recognize. Now that I think of it, I’m not even sure that he goes to my school. It is pretty simple actually, all he did was plant a pair of stolen shoes on me. I didn’t see any police chasing him, but they must have been, because the second he left, they arrested me. He was wearing gloves, so the only fingerprints they found were my
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