Persuasive Essay About Autism

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“Nobody exist on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere” - (Morty smith) I like this because it tells me that I don’t have to live as someone else wants me to. I wasn't born with Autism on purpose, I wasn't born with such loving parents on purpose either I just came alive. I can do with my life as I see fit and be happy with that because I’m was not born to do anything ,but survive with the option of how to do so. One question I am asked all the time by my family is who are you and what are you going to do with your future… what are you going to do to earn a living? I’ve given it quite a bit of thought and I think the best response I can produce to satisfy the question is my personality, my interest, and my education that are guiding me to a successful and independent future. My identity is structured around adaptiveness to my autism because of how much it has impacted my life. For instance, during the earlier periods of my life socialization was nearly impossible for me. When I was in the third grade my attempt at making friends ended poorly as rather than socializing properly I simply butted into conversations with topics that had nothing to do with what my peers were discussing. I eventuality learned how to be empathetic with others which is how I developed social skills. During the eighth grade my friend Oscar was stressed out by his sister, only having older brothers, I couldn't really relate to him; however, empathising made the image of the issue much clearer and it

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