Persuasive Essay About Bullying

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Mistakes are something everyone makes. It is a concept that everyone needs to grow and learn from it. When you’re younger you are more prone to making mistakes. For example teens choose the wrong groups to hang with. The groups can be verbally and physically abusive. In this instance, it is known as bullying. From watching someone I care about get bullied, it taught me that not everyone is your friend. Bullying is the most common mistake or problem among teens and young adults. I’ve learned from experience that bullying can have serious outcomes and can ruin or end lifes. Back in eighth grade, around May, I had a friend named Annisa. Annisa was nice. She was smart and vocal on all her opinions. She was kindhearted and sweet, but she was often around the wrong crowd aka “the cool kids.” She lived with her divorced mother who worked day and night. So Annisa was mostly home alone during the week. When I first met Annisa she was so much like me. We both enjoyed mathematics and we both liked to sing. We became almost like best friends, until she became friends with my arch nemesis, Raquel. Raquel was the queen bee of the school. Everyone knew of her and most wanted to be just like her. Raquel took Annisa away from me. Annisa stopped coming to math club and started dressing funny, kinda hooker-ish. She did everything she could to become part of the It squad. Annisa had succeeded and became the new “It” girl along with Raquel and Kenelle. Kenelle was Raquel's sidekick. She
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