Persuasive Essay About Illegal Immigration

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Illegal Immigration Illegal immigration in the U.S first began with the Chinese in the 1800’s. The big reasons they migrated to the U.S was to work in the gold mines, build railroads, and work in agricultural jobs. Americans didn't like the idea of the Chinese taking all the labor. For that reason the Chinese were being discriminated and a law was passed. The law was known as the Chinese Exclusion Act, it restricted the Chinese from immigrating to the United States for 10 years. It also demanded for all Chinese flying into and out of the country to have a certificate that identified their status. The Act wasn't repealed till 1943. Of course later on and even today many other ethnics that migrated to the U.S will still face discrimination and encounter laws being put upon them. The causes for illegal immigration include the hope for a better life, a safer environment, and the effort needed for the process of naturalization. While an outcome is discrimination. One cause of illegal immigration is the hope for a better life. The biggest reasons many illegal immigrants come to the U.S is because it offers education, better jobs, and better health care. In the U.S the education is free where as in other countries you may need to pay for school and supplies and a bunch of other stuff that are need for school. Usually some schools will give out free supplies, that is until they run out. There are also always some organizations and programs that offer to donate free school

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