Persuasive Essay About Skydiving

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I remember the night it all began. I was coerced out to drink beers with my friend Justin and my brother Scott. After several cheaply priced libations, and just as if a gaffer slammed down a marker, they both begin to heckle me about my agoraphobic behaviors. Mortified, as usual, I began to slither down into the sticky bar chair like a snake sliding into a dark crevice. The boys conversed in simple chatter, then an idea came to fruition; it became more and more real as if I were living in a nightmare. Regrettably, this idyllic conversation was that us three should go skydiving. Skydiving? I suppose they both did not think that leaping out of an airplane and freefalling to our death was such a bad idea, especially after slamming four or five watered down drinks. Just the sound of the words together, sky, and dive made my bones liquefy. On the other hand, skydiving was the last thing I wanted to think about since I already had been tremendously scared about having reconstructive shoulder surgery after being injured while on duty. The surgeon told me I would not be able to use my entire arm for six weeks; there was a possibility I could lose feeling in my hand and entire arm since the damage was so severe. As a result, hearing those possible outcomes of the surgery made me not even want to go through with it. Unfortunately, I was government property and the Navy expedited the surgery, therefore I had no say so. Afterward, my fear began to build strength. My telephone screamed

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