Persuasive Essay : Assisted Marriage

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Alexander Gyenizse Jennifer Drake ENGL1301 08/DEC/2014 Assisted Marriage: A Potential benefit to western society. Arranged Marriage is perhaps one of the most shocking and stark affronts to western sensibilities. American minds, with their concepts of freedom and choice, would seem unable to grasp any benefit in a system which does not involve the complete free will and consent of both parties in a romantic relationship. The darkest images of arranged marriage paint in our minds the vision of two strangers meeting for the first time on their wedding day. Sometimes we envision children forced to wed each other, other times we picture the even more abhorrent idea of a wedding between a much older adult and an under aged child. News stories over the past few years have shown perhaps one of the most universally heart wrenching examples in the public’s memory, the case of Pastor Warren Jeffs in his polygamous marriage, as well as sexual assault, of teenage and pre-teen girls (State v. Jeffs). Is it possible arranged marriage could be anything more than a barbarous institution, a healthy marriage and well-adjusted children could result from such a union? Can Americans possibly be able to adapt such a foreign and arcane concept into a 21st century lifestyle? Many factors go into the defining of a successful marriage. Divorce rates are one of the most common sets of statistics referred to in order to gauge the success of marriage in a nation or place, as are marriage
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